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About Castle Mark

Castle Mark is a leading office seating, lounge/motion seating, and sofa manufacturer located in Dong Guan, China. The company employs over 1000 people in 3 locations.  Its corporate headquarters is located in TaoYuan, Taiwan. Its main office seating factory (18,000 square meters/ 700 workers) is in DongGuan, China.  And its new 10,000 square meter lounge, motion and sofa factory also in DongGuan. Castle Mark differentiates itself from other chair makers in China through its 10+ years of experience focused on design/development and quality management.  Castle Mark is current office seating plant can produce up to 90,000 chairs per month.


History / Experience: 

Most of Castle Mark’s core management team previously worked for a large multinational furniture manufacturer.  Castle Mark began its business in 1997 by designing and developing high quality / price competitive office seating products.  The majority of these office chairs were sold through big box and office furniture retailers worldwide. With more than 10 years of global office seating experience, the Castle Mark team refined and developed Castle Mark’s quality processes and its design capability.  This upgraded capability allowed Castle Mark to focus on the US commercial furniture market beginning in 2003.  To date, Castle Mark has helped successfully develop several high profile commercial grade office seating products in Asia, the USA and Europe.


Castle Mark’s Vision 

Castle Mark’s vision is to create and develop sustainable relationships with its customers and to create stable employment for its company family members.


Castle Mark Mission 

Castle Mark’s mission is to develop and manufacture quality seating products, which improve quality of life and working environments for its customers.