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BUSINESS philosophy


At Castle Mark we believe integrity means that we tell the truth and we do what we say. When we make a commitment to customer, we devote ourselves completely to meet this commitment.


B.Long-term vision and strategies

At Castle Mark, we like a successful marathon runner. We focus on our long-term goal. We truly believe that a person or a company that does not plan carefully for the future will have problems in the present. We believe that if we do a good job of long term planning and execution, it will greatly reduces the need for crisis management.


C.Treating customer as partners

We treat our customers as partners. This philosophy is a big key to our current success. Our customer’s success is our success.


D.Building quality into all aspects of our business

Every Castle Mark employee is responsible for providing the highest quality products and service. To achieve this, each employee is responsible for continuously improving the quality of his or her own job, process, and ultimately of the product we provide our customers.


E.Unceasing innovation

Innovation is highlighted and rewarded throughout each job and instilled within every Castle Mark employee.We continuously focus on innovation, from new product design through the production line.


F.Caring for employees

Castle Mark’s employees are the most important asset of our company. Our goat is to offer stable jobs opportunities for employees. We also care about our society and the environment.


G.Environment safety and health

All of Castle Mark’s materials and tools used in the manufacturing process, including leather, PVC, fabric, foam, glue, electricity, water, etc., should be well managed throughout its daily operations. Castle Mark is activities should not only meet relevant environmental, safety and health legal requirements, but should also be benchmarked against recognized international practices. Castle Mark’s goal is to prevent pollution, efficiently use all resources, prevent incidents, improve employee health /safety and establish an outstanding work environment.